Apple has announced tvOS, its new platform for the Apple TV. Based on iOS, and built for the living room, tvOS will allow developers to build great apps and games for the all-new Apple TV. Including Metal, GameCenter, CloudKit and more, developers will have access to many great features for the applications they are developing.

Some examples of new apps that were shown off are apps from Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu, with refined and improved user interfaces. In addition, a number of games were showcased like Galaxy On Fire, Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity Star Wars, Guitar Hero, and more. Harmonix will be releasing an exclusive Apple TV game, Beat Sports, which combines music and sports. This will time sport actions, like hitting baseballs, with the beat of the music. It will support up to four simultaneous players, as long as they have an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Beyond just video content and games, you will be able to plan your next vacation using AirBnB, or browse for a new home using Zillow. Gilt, which sees 80% of its mobile sales from iOS devices, will allow you to shop right from your couch on the Apple TV.
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