Apple on Wednesday issued the final release of iOS 8.3, adding features such as new emoji characters, Siri improvements, and wireless CarPlay support, alongside a multitude of bugfixes and minor interface tweaks.

The update’s new emoji picker organizes icons into categories, adds more family options, and lets people pick from several different skin tones. It also incorporates new flags and characters for the iMac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Siri upgrades include new accents and languages, and the ability to make calls using an iPhone’s speakerphone. Wireless CarPlay support allows an iPhone to connect to a dashboard unit without a Lightning cable.

Several built-in apps have been tweaked. Passbook for instance now divides Apple Pay content from Passes, while Messages can optionally separate threads from contacts and unknown senders. The spacebar in iOS’ built-in keyboard has been stretched out, and an App Store setting lets users turn off password requirements for free downloads.

The update is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch through iTunes, or as an over-the-air software update.
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