Apple has begun allowing Apple Watch apps into the App Store ahead of June 10 pre-orders.

While developers can’t upload Apple Watch-enabled apps on their own yet, some of the apps shown off in Apple’s demos and on the company’s web site have clearly been given the green light. That Apple Watch functionality is mentioned in the description indicates it’s unabashed as well — what better way to keep interest high then to show the app wheels in motion? Additionally, if Apple is seeding Apple Watch review units in advance of June 10, having apps available will lead to better informed reviews. As teases go, it’s a good one. So, which apps have been updated with Apple Watch functionality?

  • Target – The Target app lets you add items to your list and find aisle locations for items. The app’s glance lets you swipe up from the watch face to see when your store is open and how many items are on your list.
  • Dark Sky – The popular hyper-local weather app brings its accurate forecasting to your wrist.
  • Evernote – Evernote on the Apple Watch lets you dictate notes, view your recently-created notes, search, and create reminders.
  • Procreate Pocket – The wrist-bound version of the iPhone sketching app serves as a digital artists palette, letting you choose colors, switch tools, and more while working in the app on your iPhone.
  • Sky Guide – Sky Guide’s Apple Watch app view a calendar of upcoming astronomical events, get notifications about these events, and alert you when the International Space Station is about to fly over.
  • Things – The to-do app lets Apple Watch users view existing tasks, create new ones, and more.
  • Transit App – You can quickly view departure times right on your wrist.

Note: You won’t be able to use any Apple Watch-specific functionality until you actually have an Apple Watch, of course. That’ll be April 24 in first-wave launch countries. Check out our FAQ and buyers guide for more.

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