Convenient though Apple’s online media emporiums may be, one convenience they lacked was an easy way to share purchased apps, music, and books among family members. To share an app purchased by Mom with little Leonidas, you had to sign out of one iTunes account on the tot’s iPod touch, sign in with Mom’s ID, and download her copy. Thanks to iOS 8’s new Family Sharing feature, that may no longer be necessary. Here’s how the new system works.

Setting up Family Sharing

On a device running iOS, 8 tap Settings > iCloud > Set Up Family Sharing. A Family Sharing window appears that outlines the benefits of this scheme. Those benefits include the ability to share purchased music, movies, books, and eligible apps. (Currently, many apps are not yet eligible.) You can also share photos and videos in an automatically created Family photo stream; share your location with family members; schedule events in a just-as-automatically created Family calendar; and help family members find their missing devices. Tap the blue Get Started link to begin the setup process.

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from Macworld