Google Assistant & Home Add Support For Over 100 New Devices

The Google Assistant and Google’s Home lineup of smart speakers extended their support to over 100 new devices from various brands, as suggested by the company’s recently updated support pages detailing its artificial intelligence-powered offerings. The expanded compatibility encompasses both Actions on Google and Home Control support, with the latter category accounting for approximately two-thirds of the newly added products. On the other hand, Actions on Google are now compatible with nearly three dozen additional devices, ranging from the Energenie MiHome smart hub and AppUnique to Skybell and automated pet feeder Petnet.

Actions on Google is a functionality of the Google Assistant that allows developers to offer a basic level of integration with Google’s AI ecosystem in a straightforward manner while still largely relying on their own voice-enabled solutions which are summoned once users give specific commands to the digital companion. On the other hand, the Home Control section of the Google Home Android app pertains to Internet of Things gadgets and services that are fully compatible with the company’s platform and use the Google Assistant to answer queries and react to commands instead of just receiving them and passing them on to another service. This particular tech category now expanded its support to approximately 100 services and together with Actions on Google, it’s presently compatible with more than 1,500 smart home gadgets manufactured by over 200 companies, Alphabet’s subsidiary said. Refer to the banner below for a full list of devices that are now supported by the Google Home and Google Assistant.

Home automation already started entering the mainstream segment over the course of 2017 and much more original equipment makers are soon expected to start delivering smart doorbells, speakers, cameras, and similar creations. The upcoming iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show that’s starting on Tuesday is hence likely to feature a plethora of such products and services that firms are planning to release in the coming months. The Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are presently the main contenders for the title of the ultimate smart home companion and while many manufacturers are still choosing between the two, an increasing number of OEMs is now dedicated to supporting both and letting consumers decide which one to use, making their devices more flexible and easier to integrate into existing smart home setups.

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