Share an intimate moment with a close friend or family member by sending them your heartbeat using Apple Watch and Messages.

Your Apple Watch can read and record your heartbeat for health and fitness purposes, but it can also send that heartbeat in haptic vibration form to another Apple Watch wearer — if you’d like it to. Here’s how to go about doing it.

How to send your heartbeat with Apple Watch

  1. Press the side button to open the Friends interface.
  2. Select the friend you’d like to send your heartbeat to.
  3. Tap the Digital Touch icon in the bottom center of the screen. (This will only show up — and you can only send your heartbeat — if your recipient also has an Apple Watch.)
  4. Lightly rest two fingers on the screen. You’ll see and feel a haptic representation of your heartbeat for as long as you have your fingers on the screen. (This is also the length of the heartbeat your friend will receive.)
  5. A few moments later, your friend or family member will get a Digital Touch notification. When they open it, they’ll be able to feel your heartbeat on their wrist with a rhythmic series of haptic taps. They can also respond immediately by placing two fingers on their Apple Watch display.

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