VoiceOver literally talks you through the Apple Watch interface, making the visuals accessible to those who need audio.

Part of Apple’s suite of accessibility features, VoiceOver will speak the names of icons and apps, buttons and sliders — of everything that needs identifying and can be interacted with on your Apple Watch. For those with visual impairments or blindness, it can not only make technology usable, it can be life changing.

How to enable VoiceOver on the Apple Watch

  1. Launch the Settings app from your Apple Watch Home screen.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Accessibility.

  4. Tap on VoiceOver.
  5. Toggle VoiceOver to ON.

To disable VoiceOver, repeat the same steps and toggle VoiceOver to OFF.

How to enable VoiceOver using the Apple Watch app for iPhone

  1. Launch the Apple Watch app from your iPhone Home screen.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on General.

  4. Tap on Accessibility.
  5. Tap on VoiceOver.
  6. Toggle VoiceOver to ON.

How to customize VoiceOver using the Apple Watch app for iPhone

  1. Adjust the Speaking Rate slider towards the turtle icon to make VoiceOver speak slower, towards the rabbit icon to make it speak faster.
  2. Adjust the Volume slider towards the left to make VoiceOver quieter, towards the right to make it louder.
  3. Toggle Speak Hints to ON if you you’d like voice explanations on how to use interface elements (e.g. “Double tap to open!”).

  4. Toggle Screen Curtain to ON if you’d like the screen turned off while you’re using VoiceOver to prevent others from snooping on what you’re doing.
  5. Toggle Speak on Wrist Raise to ON if you’d like VoiceOver to automatically announce which interface element you’re on when the watch “wakes up”.

How to control VoiceOver on your Apple Watch

  1. Touch the screen and move your finger around to have VoiceOver read out which icons, buttons, and other interface elements are available.
  2. Tap an element to select it.
  3. Swipe left or right to switch to the next interface element in that direction.
  4. Double tap an element to activate it.
  5. Swipe with two fingers to pull down notification center, glances, or to page left or right.
  6. Double tap with two fingers to pause VoiceOver, again to restart.
  7. Double tap and hold with two fingers, then slide left or right to adjust volume on-the-fly.
  8. Trace a “Z” shape on the screen to under the last navigation action and go back to where you were.

Other controls may be available in specific apps. Turn on Speak Hints for audio prompts.


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