In addition to the built-in apps and glances that come with your Apple Watch, you can install many, many more from the App Store.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, developers can currently send notifications, as well as “glances” and app extensions. Glances serve as single pages of information that live in their own space just below the clock face. App extensions look like regular apps but run, in part, from a host app on your iPhone. Apple has announced native apps will be coming to the Apple Watch as well, likely later this year. In the meantime, glances and apps already provide more than enough convenience to get you going. And that includes using them with Siri, Apple’s personal virtual personal assistant. All you have to do is install them and set them up!

How to set up and install Glances on your Apple Watch

It’s tempting to liken glances to widgets on the iPhone. Those widgets, however, live in Notification Center and can be accessed from any screen, at any time. glances live by themselves: You get to them by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and you can only get to them from the clock face.

Where Apple’s Settings, Music, and Battery glances contain buttons, the company’s other Glances, and all third-party Glances are currently read-only, and if tapped anywhere, send you to their associated app.

You can add, remove, and rearrange Glances at any time using the Apple Watch app for iPhone. It’s as simple as tapping a red icon to turn off an active Glance, a green icon to turn on an inactive glance, and dragging the grabber icon attached to any Glance to reorder it in the list.

How to set up and install apps on your Apple Watch

There are currently two kinds of apps for the Apple Watch: the company’s pre-installed native apps, and the app extensions available from the App Store. Since Apple Watch apps are currently non-native extensions, there’s no App Store on the Watch itself and no way to download and install software directly. Instead, you download the container app to your iPhone, either through the regular App Store app or through dedicated Explore, Features, and Search tabs for the App Store for Apple Watch located in the Apple Watch for iPhone app.

How to use Siri, glances, and apps on your Apple Watch

Apple’s pre-installed apps include Clock, Messages, Phone, Mail, Calendar, Activity, Workout, Maps, Passbook, Music, Camera Remote, (Apple TV/iTunes) Remote, Weather, Stocks, Photos, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, World Clock, and Settings. Many of them have glances that you can access from the clock face, and all of them can be access via Siri, or via their icon on the home screen.
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