How do you use Siri with CarPlay? Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do!

Trying to figure out how to use Siri with CarPlay? Well, getting started is easy, and making it work for you is easier. Whether you need to set a reminder or make a phone call, using Siri in the car is just as easy as it is on your phone. CarPlay is all about keeping you safe in the car, and Siri is a great way to ensure that you keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road. Let’s take a look at how to get started, what you can do with Siri and more.

How to activate Siri

There are a couple of different ways to activate Siri in CarPlay, and they will vary slightly based on your vehicle. The first is the onscreen shortcut, which is also the Home button. Activating this one is easy, but in some ways less ideal.

  1. Find the Home button on the screen. (Bottom right or left)
  2. Press and hold the button
  3. Speak after the waves appear on the screen

The button placement will depend on where you are located. In the U.S. the Home button is on the left side, while in the UK and elsewhere you will find it on the right side. It will be closest to the driver seat, which is convenient. If you don’t want to take you hands off the wheel, there is another way to activate it in some cars.

  1. Locate the voice control button on the steering wheel
  2. Press and hold the button
  3. Speak after the waves appear on the screen

That’s all it takes to get started with using Siri. This makes it really easy to activate it at any time so you can complete tasks with ease while on the go.

Basic Siri functions in the car

Siri isn’t limited in the car, but some things you may not think to use it for. Ever have find yourself thinking of something in the car and hoping that you will remember it when you park? Whether you need to add something to your grocery list, set a reminder to call someone or actually make the phone call, you can do all of it without touching your phone. You do it all the same way you would on your phone, with the same commands.

All you will need to do is active Siri, then begin with your voice command. Examples include: “set a reminder to change lightbulb at 4pm”, “send message to John”, and various others depending on what you want to get accomplished.

A few things to consider

With CarPlay, the “Hey Siri” command will not work to activate it. That would be an awesome feature and something that Apple could always add. Luckily there are several other ways to access Siri in the car. Also, something to consider is noise in your car while using Siri. From background noise to the audio playing in your car, sometimes Siri may have a hard time understanding you. You may need to repeat yourself one or two times during certain situations in order for Siri to fully understand.

What else can Siri do?

Do you use Siri for something that isn’t mentioned above when in the car? If so, be sure to drop a note in the comments letting us know what you use it for, and how you accomplish it.
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