Hulu’s new streaming service will now have all the CBS-Owned Networks. Hulu and CBS have reached an agreement to allow streaming of all CBS-Owned Networks.

The streaming service aims to offer a more personalized, intuitive version of cable TV than that offered by traditional pay-TV distributors and even newer streaming entrants. At launch, Hulu’s offering will also include a cloud-based digital video recorder and many local station affiliates.

CBS’s pact with Hulu shows that at least for now the network is finding a way to have its cake and eat it, too—striking deals with distributors while maintaining a stand-alone streaming service with some 1.2 million subscribers. Moreover, the deal with Hulu involves CBS’s direct rivals; the streaming service is owned by Disney, Fox, Comcast and Time Warner.




The service does not have an official date yet and Hulu Chief Executive Mike Hopkins says service is set to cost users “under $40” per month.