Kwikset's Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect

Kwikset is no stranger to connected locks, but the $219 price for its Kevo lock might put you off if you’re used to securing your door with cheaper conventional locks. That might not be a stumbling block for much longer, though: the company has trotted out a Traditional Signature Series Deadbolt lock with an easier-to-swallow $150 price tag. It’ll still talk to any Z-Wave home automation network that supports locks (such as a Wink hub), giving you a way to remotely unlock the door or get alerts. The cost-cutting mostly comes thorough the absence of extras you might not need, like a gateway device or a keypad. This won’t be the cheapest lock if you’re starting fresh, in other words. However, it’ll definitely make more sense if you’re already living in a smart home and just want the entryway to match.

Via: TechHive

Source: Kwikset
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