The iPad Pro is the biggest, most powerful iPad ever, but is it the perfect iPad for you?

There’s never been an iPad like the iPad Pro. It’s bigger, with an amazing 12.9-inch laminated Retina display. It’s also more powerful, with a desktop-rivaling Apple A9X chipset. There’s also the Apple Pencil, which enables new worlds of creativity, the Smart Connector, which allows for all new, all better keyboards, and an experience that’s just as empowering but even more accessible than a traditional laptop. It’s not for those who prefer the ultra-portability of the iPad mini or the balance of the iPad Air, but if you want the biggest window possible into apps and the internet, it could just be for you!

12.9-inch Retina display

The iPad Pro has a laminated Retina display at 264ppi just like the iPad Air, but instead of 9.7-inches and 2048×1536 pixels, it has 12.9-inches and 2732×2048 pixels. In other words, you can fit about an iPad Air and-a-half on an iPad Pro. And more, as they say, is more.

If you want a broader canvas so you can do broader work, if you want to be able to use two iPads in split-view side-by-side at almost full iPad Air size so you can do double the work, or if you simply want an iPad that’s closer to a MacBook in size so you can do that kind of work, you’ll want an iPad Pro.

Apple A9X chipset

The Apple A8X on the iPad Air 2 feels ridiculously over-powered. The Apple A9X on the iPad Pro, then, feels ludicrously, preposterously over-powered. Part of that processor goes to moving around the extra pixels, but most of it goes to enabling apps to do things like handling three 4K streams at a time, manipulating complex 3D models, and gaming in a way you’ve never gamed on a tablet before.

If you want to get a previously impossible kind of work—or kind of play—done, you want an iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil

People have been making stylus pens for the iPad for years, even ones that tried to emulate pressure sensitivity through clever use of Bluetooth and code. The Apple Pencil, however, delivers real pressure sensitivity. (It also plugs right into the Lightning port to charge. So great.)

Thanks to a doubling of the sensors in beneath the iPad Pro display, and technologies inside the Pencil’s tip, you get an experience that doesn’t just rival Wacom but, in many ways, blows it away.

If you’ve always want to draft, scribble, write, sketch, do calligraphy or technical drawing, or otherwise express your creativity in way that was previously only possible on paper, you’ll be happy with the iPad Pro.

Smart Connector + Smart Keyboard

Apple is making a Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro but what’s even more compelling is the Smart Connector that enables it. You can already get very good keyboards for the iPad but with the Smart Connector, the Smart Keyboard and future keyboards don’t have to rely on Bluetooth, batteries, or separate charging cycles. They can just snap right on, and the iPad not only interfaces with the keyboard but powers it.

It doesn’t make for a desktop experience crammed into an iPad but rather allows the iPad to stay true to itself while also better servicing the desktop.

If you’re serious about text entry and pounding away on productivity, you’ll seriously want to consider the iPad Pro.


The bigger iPad Pro display allows for even more sophisticated apps. Thanks to size classes, they don’t have to be iPad Air and iPad mini apps blown up either—developers can take advantage of all of that extra real-estate to show more and do more. Not just more canvas or workspace either, but more palettes or tools on-screen at the same time.

Yet they remain iOS apps, which means direct manipulation, intuitive interfaces, and powerful functionality.

If you want more capable, more convenient, and even more accessible apps, you want the iPad Pro.

Who should get the iPad Pro?

If the iPad mini 4 is a notepad and the iPad Air 2 is a notebook, the iPad Pro is a sketchbook or workbook. It’s the best iPad ever for creativity, productivity, and for anyone who’s ever wanted an iPad that’s closer in size and capability to a laptop.

If you want a grand, gorgeous canvas to create on, the broadest sheet available to work on, or simply a computer that’s powerful but still accessible, you want the iPad Pro.
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